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Ian Weeden fished with Adam Clerget down on St Georges Basin for a rewarding session on bream, reds and flatties and Frank and Joanne Bonaccorsi hit Jervis Bay on Saturday with Frank catching a solid king and a feed of squid.

Locally the rocks and beaches were fishing hot spots last weekend with some amazing bags of fish coming from the stones.

There were plenty of big drummer about as Gary Ford found out fishing the rocks locally with royal reds where he managed a bag out in around a single 2 hour session for his weigh in with the Bulli Workers Club with two monster pigs averaging 2/3kg size.

Along with the pigs, there were a couple of nice sized snapper taken as well as some solid bronzed blackfish and a heap of stud bream with a couple of local anglers getting some absolute cracking tarwhine by rolling crank baits around the rocky edges with a few fish over the 40cm mark and well over a kilo in weight.


Steve Williamson has advised his tackle shop at Jindabyne will be closed until June 29th for a bit of a holiday R/R and personal fishing time.


Guys from Compleat Angler agreed the winter season has set in and yes it has been cold and the recent big seas and swell hasn’t helped the fishing, but some forgot to tell the fish.

Winter species like bream, luderick and rock blackfish they are just warming up and while the lake seems an easy option for those less hardy souls, the rocks is the place to target these species.

As always, keep a very keen eye on the swell and if looks a bit ‘iffy’, go home or find somewhere more secure as those exposed ledges will be your nemeses if you are fool hardy.

As said before, the fish do not like to get battered around so they will move into the more sheltered bays and harbours for shelter but they still need to feed.

Back to the Lake, where motorists and those using Windang Bridge would have surely noticed a group of guy huddled together near the bowling club wall.

Why – well that spot is prime for drifting a luderick float especially if you can secure some green weed.

Don’t overlook using peeled prawns as the welcome by catch would include bream and maybe a late season flatty.

The Shoalhaven River is also a good winter fishery with blackfish and bream also on offer in a number of reliable spots on baits and plastics.

Speaking of winter fish, multiple reports on social media of the southern bluefin on the move further down the coast – time to prep up the big tackle.


Luke from Leisure Coast Bait and Tackle at Corrimal said although the long weekend weather wasn’t idea, everybody made the most of it and there were plenty of good fish caught.

It was great to see some excellent captures of bluefin tuna further down off Bermagui over the weekend and reports were rife.

Commercial long liners hammered the travelling schools out from Bermi to further south and trailer boat based recreational crews toughed the conditions later last week as the seas and swell abated slightly and bought in a few prized eating specimens.

Kiama game club boat Chasin Tail made the late decision to head south which payed off nicely for the Wilson boys with a 3-3-3 from a triple hook-up that at one stage had Nathan Wilson winding two reels at once whilst Logan captured the first of the 3 fish which was a cracking way to open their account for the bluefin season.

Plenty of other boats got in amongst the action with most fish being taken on the troll as the tuna did not respond to well to a cube trail – yet.

The diligent use of a quality sounder should show the schools as they slowly move up towards us and at this stage it is a bit hit n miss but you won’t get them unless you have a go.

Plenty of good sized makos were also caught locally with double figures of fish over the 100kg mark.

Closer to home there were some nice snapper about on our local reefs over the weekend but the reds were spread far and wide from the shallows to the deeper stuff over 100 meters down.

There were no standout big fish but there were a lot of fish up and around the 3kg mark and plenty of reports of the cuttlefish starting to pop.

The reds were both active on these surface cephalopods and the sounder indicated, there were still schools holding near the bottom.

The flathead drifts were little quieter than normal but it was possible that the current had increased from last week and made it difficult to get the moving baits to the bottom.


Photo 1 – Andrew Whenam fished Stanwell Park for his pb flatty at 3.78 kilos.

Photo 2 – Grant Keene with a solid plastics jigged red from off a local reef

Photo 3 – A very happy Les Kennedy from Coledale with a 97cm murray cod just before release back into the Namoi River.

Andrew Whenam pb STan pk 3.78 resized

Grant Keene resized

Les Kennedy Coledale 97cm Namoi River cpr resized

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