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Shoalhaven 45th annual open game fishing tournament will be held on weekend March 23/24/25 out of Huskisson at Jervis Bay.

If the current run of marlin, dolphin fish, mako shark and yellowfin tuna continues, the weighmaster will no doubt be kept very busy.

Details at http://shoalhavengfc.com.au/ or their facebook page.


Narooma Sport & Game fishing club will hold their 50th Anniversary convention on the weekend 9/10/11 March and it will be theme based on the ‘fifties’ – dress up, fish weights and a lot of ‘other’ mystery 50’s surprises.

Telephone enquiries to 0411392608 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Received a nice photo and story where young Levi-Rhys Bock participated in a recent DPI/Fisheries workshop and as part of the tuition and instruction, was given a new rod and reel outfit.

Well young Levi-Rhys put those well learnt skills to the test and christened his new rod with a very nice 51cm dusky flathead – congratulations.


Sunday March 18th will see the National Pirtex fishing challenge with $210,000 in prizes.

Register at www.pirtex.com.au


The boys from Compleat Angler Illawarra at Windang said that despite the very average sea conditions, crews found some nice mahi mahi out on and the areas around the Fisheries FADs.

Reports indicate the current from the north is running that excellent cobalt blue colour and temps well above the 22 degrees mark and is alive with bait patches nearly in every direction.

With all this bait, the billfish, big dollies and mako sharks have been switched to full on feeding mode and slow trolled livies worked around the edges of any of the sounded bait schools, will not last long before it gets an enquiry.

The recent rain has freshened up Lake Illawarra and the whiting have been cruising the sand flats on the more eastern or ocean side of the road bridge and entrance areas.

Best to try to fish the first of the run in tide with live worms or nippers, but don’t overlook soft plastics in the worm patterns and even small pencil surface poppers would be worth a flick.

Bream have also been on the bite but fish for them into the evening using fish flesh baits or again soft plastics and Paul Bysterveld nailed a big blue nose well over the kilo mark.

Salmon and tailor are on the southern beaches with a few mulloway also poking around  so try ganged pilchards for the sambo's and choppers and fish into the evening.


Final reminder for tomorrow’s Australian fly fishing festival at Nepean Rowing Club, Penrith.

This free to attend event will see six fly fishing casting instructors hold demonstrations and workshops, a sports physiotherapist to how to prevent injuries.

Details at www.eventbrite.com.au/e/australia-fly-fishing-festival-tickets-42699563544?aff=es2 


Luke from Leisure Coast Tackle at Corrimal again reported on the continuing marlin in our offshore waters but conditions were not too enjoyable last weekend.

Crews found a lot of fish both days over the weekend with out the front of Port Kembla and Shellharbour being the standout locations in that 70-90 fathom line with both striped and black billy’s in attendance and the welcome by-catch of big dolphin fish.

With the shootout and the Interclub happening up in Port Stephens last weekend, there were less boats on the local reefs which was a welcome change to anglers.

The sloppy conditions were the result of a black north easter that swung around to a solid south westerly and earlier this week, the coast was pounded by the Tonga cyclone swell that kept many boats well away from the salt.

Just before the foul weather, guys found plenty of good sized reds about including a handful of good fish being pulled from the stones.

Those lucky to get out mid-week as the weather settled slightly, found the hungry reds in very shallow water with some solid fish nudging the 5kg mark that were pulled from water less than 15 meters depth.

Fishing on the pick and a steady burley trail mixed with a change of tide was the preferred method for landing these prized table fish and mixed in amongst the reds, were sampson fish, bonito, kingfish and some big blue mowies which all make for an impressive by catch.

Those fishing the sheltered southern corners off the stones, have seen some excellent catches over the last few days with some very nice snapper nudging the scales down to a healthy 4.5kgs.

Very few reports from the flathead brigade last weekend as the drift would’ve been very quick with the nor easter but all the usual haunts should still be holding good fish at the moment.

Beaches had been fishing exceptionally well before the bump so they should continue to fire as the weather abates and has some of the mulloway brigade rubbing their hands  in anticipation as to what lies in some of the newly formed gutters created by the bump.

Photo 1 – Anthony Fumaria fished Bendalong for these nice snapper

Photo 2 – Dylan Shepard just about to release his marlin after tagging it from last week.

Photo 3 – Levi-Rhys Bock with his 51cm flatty caught on fishing clinic rod/reel outfit.

Anthony Fumaria benda resized

Dylan Shepard Striped Marlin tr resized

Levi Rhs Bock 51cm dpi class new rod used resized


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