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Narooma Sport and Gamefishing club are holding their annual convention on weekend 8/9/10th March with venue HQ at Riverside Drive Clubhouse.

Catered and uncatered entries are available but filling fast so contact Les Waldock on 0411 392 608 to register.


South Sydney amateur fishing association with host their 26th annual SeaSea Marine Sportfishing tournament over the weekend 29/30 and 31st March.

Catered entries are available, on site camping at clubhouse grounds in Chifley and a monster Saturday night raffle/triva night.

Details at www.southsydneyafa.com


Warilla Hotel fishing club February monthly comp 2019 results show the senior deep sea section biggest fish go to Dean Shoebridge with his 1.68 kilo bonito and heaviest bag of 4 kilos of flatties go to Donny McLeod jnr.

BRE division saw honours for biggest fish go to John Phelps with his rock blackfish of 1.44 kilos and heaviest bag of a nice 3.45 kilo mix to Graham Jackson.

Fish of the month did not go off and the March target species is Australian salmon                       


A yellowtail kingfish originally tagged in South Australia has recently been recaptured in southern NSW by keen spear fisher Bryce Clifton while diving offshore of Currarong on 20 December 2018.

Tipping the scales at a solid 13 kilos and 118 cm long, the fish was Bryce’s personal best and despite a significant amount of algal growth, Bryce still noticed the yellow NSW DPI tag.

Following up with contact details provided on the tag, Bryce reported the recapture to DPI who upon searching their data base revealed that the fish was originally released over a year earlier (422 days) at Port Augusta, S.A. by Adelaide Game Fishing Club member Luke Thompson who quickly measured the king at 116cm and 14.8 kilos.

During its time at liberty, the kingfish swam an incredible 675 nautical miles (1250 km) straight line distance from the original release point.

NSW DPI Game Fish Tagging Program issues tags free of charge and works in close association with the NSW Game Fishing Association and the Game Fishing Association of Australia with funding from NSW Recreational Fishing Trust.

Stats indicate more than 470,000 fish have been tagged under the program so far and this above recapture shows how important and interesting the tagging program is.

If you would like to get involved in the program, please phone (02) 6691 9602 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Jervis Bay game fishing club will host their billfish only tag and release only tournament on the weekend 16/17th March out of Jervis Bay.

Cash prize money to the top 10 only tag and release billfish, so do you think you have what it takes to be a top 10 finisher.

Details at www.jervisbaygfc.com


Some interesting data and anecdotes indicate the marlin’s bill and its uses have long puzzled angers, sailors and more recently marine scientists.

Studies have indicated that marlin rarely skewer their intended prey like baitfish or squid, but rather slash at it or stun it.

However there are some interesting known facts to ponder as marlin and broadbill swordfish bills have been found embedded in ships hulls, logs and other substantial floating or partially submerged objects even large turtles and whales.

Now why would billfish attack a ship or whale or log that it cannot obviously eat?

The study of marlin behaviour and eating habits may lead to an answer as a slow moving ship or a floating log often attracts small baitfish as shelter and in turn, the food chain starts there.

So back to the marlin, who will be attracted to these same objects as a food source and their aggressive feeding may just be their undoing with an error of judgement as they charge in and impale themselves as their dinner swerved at the last minute.

Much the same scenario if turtles or whales were feeding on the same baitfish.

In the words of marine scientist Dr. Julian Pepperell – strange tales but true from the ocean blue. 


Most anglers would know that Steve Williamson from Jindabyne recently on sold his tackle shop and hire business, but that hasn’t stopped him being involved in alpine fishing.

The 30th anniversary celebration and fishing weekend is scheduled to start from April 5th and you do not even have to enter the fishing competition to enjoy the festivities.

There will be three chances to catch up even if you are not fishing so just front up and say hi at either the formal fishing comp registration and entry on Friday at 5pm at the Discovery Holiday Park, the Saturday evening BBQ and then during , the buy, swap or sell meet and charity auction.

Enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                                                                                                                                


Members of Ocean Beach Hotel and Warilla Hotel fishing clubs are advised the date for the annual inter-club fishing comp is the weekend of April 13th and 14th.  Contact your relevant club secretaries for details.


Photo 1 – Adam Smith from Kiama with a double - 2 and 3 kilo snapper catch.

Photo 2 – Damo Paranihi fished live bait off Urangan Jetty Hervey Qld for this solid barramundi

Photo 3 – Grant Evans fished again at Lake Windamere for a bag of yellowbelly perch



Adam Smith 2 3kg reds resized

Damo Paranihi Urangan Jetty resized

grantyy evans wind resized

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