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Young Mason McDonough joined the crew on RECKLESS for a shark session off Jervis Bay on the weekend and Maso came home a winner and grinner.

A sensational 99 kilograms bronze whaler on 15 kilo tackle that not only gave the poor lad a serious workout, but put some excellent fresh fish on the family table.

Reports also said while he was extremely tired the next day, he went off to School to no doubt brag and tell all….. well done Mason – congrats.


Research Angler Program (RAP) contributors recently had a good trip with 85cm mulloway and three nice-sized dusky flathead that were filleted and the frames donated for ageing.

The mulloway and flathead frames were processed by DPI staff to recover the otoliths (earbones), which are now being aged.

If you're interested in participating in the RAP and catch a legal-sized mulloway, kingfish, snapper, dusky flathead, tailor, make sure you freeze and donate frames/skeletons.

Go to http://bit.ly/2jDuviN for more information, including details on drop-off locations.


In an unconfirmed media report it appears NSW Fisheries has handpicked some “elite” kingfish experts, to help them create a NSW Kingfish Stock Assessment, which could lead to future management changes.

A survey and associated correspondence surrounding it declares Fisheries are seeking input from people who have been identified as having considerable experience with the fishery – you !.

Two of the most important inputs into an assessment are total catch (harvest) and catch rates so if these two items are so important, then why hasn’t the greater recreational fishing community been consulted on this, along with their feedback?

Apparently the information NSW Fisheries is looking for will only come from good, long term science and accurate data collection and not from a handpicked selected few.

Everyone has a vested interest in this, whether it be a keen catch and release sports fisherman, commercial charter operator or the average fisherman just trying to put food on the table during these difficult times.

Everyone’s interests are just as important as each other’s and we must all be equally represented.

If you have been surveyed or know more, could you please email me () so it can be on forwarded for interest and possible investigation to ensure we don’t end up in the same situation as the flawed Mulloway Recovery Plan.


Shellharbour GFC committee, has at this stage, announced the go ahead for annual presentation on Sat night August 22nd from 6.30pm at Warilla Bowlo Club.

A lot goes into organising these events so to help smooth things along, they would like to get numbers and tickets paid for before 17th August.

Lock in the date with enquiries to Mark 0432 072 259.


Luke from Leisure Coast Tackle at Corrimal said it has been a rrelatively quiet time offshore for most over the weekend, with only a handful of tuna caught and very little in the way of sharks for last weekend’s Sydney Game FC Monster Mako tournament.

Most of the tuna were caught out of Jervis Bay over the weekend with local Wezza and Felly hooking a couple of barrels down around that area.

They lost one unfortunately lost at the boat but Wezza one attached and it pulled down the scales at an impressive 116 kilos.

A massive effort but even more impressive was the help from a couple of lads from nearby boats who jumped aboard helped secure and wrestle the big tuna over the side.

The snapper seemed to have fired up again with plenty being caught up and down the coast over the week and last weekend both from the shallows and the deeper reefs as well.

The deeper fish were found in depths from 55 out to 80 meters and the better fish were up around the 4 to 5 kilo mark.

The fish in close were all caught on the anchor and berleying up with a slow but steady trail to avoid being wiped out by the barracouta.

The better quality fish in the shallows were all taken just on sun up but soon disappeared as soon as the light cracked across the water.

After the last low pressure system hammered the coast line and beaches, there have been some awesome gutters formed on numerous beaches and they have been holding all sorts of species including the usual salmon and tailor but some exceptional bream and trevally and the odd big winter whiting as well.

Quite few beaches have had some excellent sized sand flatties on them with a lot of them averaging the 50 cm mark and better.

With all the new gutters formed there have been many anglers out chasing the elusive mulloway both on lures and baits with rumours of some quite good fish about.

Adam Goodes gets the award for his first lure caught Jew off the beach at an impressive 15 kilos.


Photo 1 – Cooper McGlashan’s 122 kilo cleaned southern bluefin tuna.

Photo 2 – Harley Muggleton is elated with his first cod on his own handmade lure.

Photo 3 – Matty Kelly with an excellent winter whiting of 71cm

Cooper McGlashan resized

Harley Muggleton 51cm cpr.own lure Bazzel. resized

Matty Kelly whiting 71cm resized

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