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14th September 2018

Wollongong Game Fishing Club’s 27th annual Game Fishing Tournament is being held this weekend out of Belmore Basin at Wollongong Harbour.

Competitors will be vying for excellent prizes and awards donated by local businesses including All Source Aluminium Supplies, Gerringong Print, Kelly Haulage and Fergo’s Tackle with all prizes loaded towards tag and release to reflect the responsible attitude by ALL game fishing anglers for the future conservation of fish stocks.

Entrants please note the changes to Tournament fishing boundaries that are now 33.50.000 in the north at South Head off Sydney to no further past Jervis Bay in the south at 35.15.000.

Enquiries to www.wollongonggfc.com.au or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The inaugural Cluey’s Flathead Classic will be held at Greenwell Point on Saturday October 6th from 0700 hours to 1300 hours from behind the Greenwell Point Hotel.

Entry fee is only $10 and there is 2 categories – catch/release and catch/retain and a heap of prizes are available.

Enquiries to 02 4447 1202 or Hot Topics on my above website www.reeldealfishing.com.au


Beaches again fished well last week and weekend with a lot of the local creeks finally bursting seawards following that much welcome rain and there were plenty of good gutters and plenty of fresh bait being washed out into the ocean.

There were some good mulloway caught over the weekend and although many were reluctant to give any details or weigh their fish, it took only a quick look to see some of the jews were 10 kilo plus and one reported at nearer the magic 20 kilo weight.

Whilst the spring weather is slowing warming up so is the fishing and there have been some nice whiting and bream on the beaches that were dining on dislodged beach worms and the bream also took a liking to pillie sections.

Also after the rain, there were some good flathead sitting in close on the beaches, presumably flushed out of couple of creeks in particular as they were very dark in colour.


Again a reminder for you to have your say regarding the introduction of 25 plus Marine Parks in NSW including an area around the 5 islands off Port Kembla.

Momentum is growing stronger with many thousands, angry and frustrated anglers voicing their disapproval via social media.

Later this month there are plans for a number of separate boating and angler protests to be held across the affected areas and in the CBD in an effort to let those in power, see just how strong the angling voice is and to remind them that there is an election in the wind.


Complete the survey form today, not tomorrow or next week – TODAY as submissions close on September 27th.


Luke from Leisure Coast Bait and Tackle at Corrimal said shop customers were over the moon with last weekend’s weather and there was plenty of action out in the deep blue.

Wollongong game fishing club’s 27th annual tournament is on this weekend so earlier in the week a few local boats headed wide to see what was on offer and to suss out currents, water temps to hopefully formulate out a winning plan for the tournament.

Shellharbour Boats Nautorious and Bagged Out headed wide for a look at a few sharks and were not disappointed with Nautorious tagging seven fish for the day and capturing a nice 130 kilogram mako shark on just 10 kilo line class for Abe Attallah.

The crew on Bagged Out flew their capture flag with a nice mako on 15 kilo line class so maybe there will be the odd potential record captures presented on the weekend as most other will be tagged and released.

Closer to shore the snapper fishing excelled over the weekend in both the shallows and the deeper reefs and with the confluence of a new moon and resultant big tides, there were plenty of good fish on the reefs just waiting to be caught.

Many local clubs and pubs held their monthly point scores and there were plenty of good fish to be seen on the cleaning tables and at the various weigh-ins.

While there were no monster fish presented, there were large number of quality sized reddies around the 2 to 3 kilo size and some big rubber lip blue mowies, black spot pigfish and trevally around as well.

Soft plastics and micro jigs were the undoing of quite a few of these species fish closely followed by fresh cuttlefish strips and slimy mackerel fillets.

Crews were a little disappointed with the results of some of the inshore flatty drifts, where other deeper runs haven’t shown any signs of slowing down as yet.

Some excellent fish were landed from all the deeper sand spots and with a welcome bycatch of a fair number of tasty gummy sharks, making up for a good mix of fish for the table.

Photo 1 – Ashton Mekisic with a pearly perch he caught off Seacliffe Bridge.

Photo 2 – Mark Pascot with his 3.1 kilo black drummer from a recent weighin for Ocean Beach Hotel comp

Photo 3 – Vanki Feher with her Lord Howe Island kingfish – a personal best.

ashton mekisic pearly resized

mark pascot 3.15pig resized

vanki mod resized

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