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5th October 2018

A NSW DPI Fisheries operation targeting illegal crab trapping near Forster on the north coast, resulted in two men being fined over $8000 in Forster Local Court recently with one also being placed on a two year good behaviour bond.

The UV technology is a contemporary investigative tool being used by NSW Fisheries Officers and this operation involved the use of ultraviolet light technology and surveillance teams of fisheries officers watching 11 traps that had been set illegally.

Illegal fishers be warned - you won't always see fisheries officers and they will use every available legal method to stop you profiting illegally from the fisheries resource.

A recent Fisheries Research and Development Corporation article about the fight against illegal fishing highlights the important work undertaken by fisheries officers in NSW and their colleagues across Australia.

To read the article visit http://www.frdc.com.au/…/FISH-Vo…/Protecting-precious-waters.

To report suspected illegal fishing activity call Fishers Watch on 1800 043 536, report it online at the DPI website or report it directly through the FishSmart app.


The postponed Wollongong Game Fishing Club’s 27th annual game tournament has been re scheduled and will now be held over the weekend of 13/14th October.

Fresh details are now up on the club website at www.wollongonggfc.com.au and also their Facebook page.


Local beaches and rocks continued to fish well for the holiday makers with bread and butter species including plenty of bream, drummer and blackfish about.

Whiting off the beaches are starting to fire up with some solid fish in the mix but not in big numbers as yet but their size is definitively making up for lack of quantity

Many locals were known to be out chasing the silver ghost mulloway, over the weekend but there has been very few reports thus far this week but that in not unusual with the rumour mill still firing from last week’s efforts and results.


In a lengthy information release, the Nation Carp Control Plan has advised the proposed carp biocontrol using cyprinid herpes virus 3 is progressing and major carp mortalities are expected to result, but managing water-quality during resultant major carp kills will require practical, carefully-planned clean-up strategies tailored to particular habitat types.

International fish kills occur in various habitats worldwide, and with numerous causes and when kills occur in close proximity to human habitation, or threaten natural values, clean-up activities become imperative.

Such is the huge numbers of carp in our waterways, this will be an enormous undertaking to achieve.

Go to http://www.carp.gov.au/What-we-are-doing/Research/NCCP-research-projects for more information.


Final reminder for Cluey’s Flathead Classic to be held at Greenwell Point on Saturday October 6th from the Greenwell Point Hotel.

Entry fee is only $10 with enquiries to 02 4447 1202.


Luke from Leisure Coast Bait and Tackle at Corrimal reckoned that 2018 has been just flying past with the October long weekend been and gone and from the fishing front there was plenty of action about over the weekend.

With plenty of rumours of yellow fin tuna about off our local coastline, many boats headed wide for a look.

The sea surface temp charts were showing some promising great temp breaks straight off Wollongong so it was only a matter of time before the radio chatter indicated their location and numerous hook-ups.

Crews found better schools on Sunday and although no ‘big jiggers’, these days you just never turn your nose up at any yellowfin of any size.

Most tuna were about the 25/ 30 kilo mark and that size is just about the best eating fish swimming in the ocean.

Weather hampered the first day of Shellharbour Game fishing club’s annual mako tournament but all boats were back in the action on Sunday with much better weather prevailing that saw plenty of mako, whalers and blue sharks caught by the flotilla of boats entered.

Closer to home the snapper bite has started to turn on the heat with some excellent fish being pulled from over the weekend.

Reds to 5 kilos were caught both Sunday and Monday and almost all the bigger fish were from the reefs beyond the 50 metre depth line with bait stitching up the plastics for the first time in quite a while.

Cuttlefish and squid strips were the go to bait with pillies and strips of mackerel a close second.

Depths further out was a red zone for some Sydney crews who fished just shy of 100 metres found some healthy schools of fish boating 10 nice reds with not one under 3kgs.

Looking back over the past few years and October and November have been the months where the fish seemed to be schooling up in the deeper water so fingers crossed, the next couple of months stick to the trend.

Flathead drifts produced well especially the northern drifts up off Stanwell Park with plenty of good sized flatties, monster flounder and plenty of gummies.


Photo 1 – Brock Evans with a land based capture of a mac tuna

Photo 2 – Larry Boardman with his bluefin trevally just before release

Photo 3 – Peter Tornaros from Oak Flats with a coral trout from a trip to King Ash Bay

Brock Evans land bd mac tuna resized

Larry Boardman bluefin trev resized

Peter Tornaros ctrout resized


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