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Back in 2014, Suntag Qld reported on a bass that had an incredible journey from Lake Boondooma to Splitters Creek near Bundaberg some 340 klm downstream and just recently and some 4 years later, a second tagged fish from Boondooma has been recaptured also in Splitters Creek.

Both bass were tagged back in 2006 and it is likely that they made the long journey at the same time on a single flow event having passed over 2 dam walls and 4 weirs.


Locally and from nearly all reports, beaches have still been providing plenty of bread and butter fish with heaps of whiting and bream taken on live beach worms.

A lot of anglers have been doing very well by casting hard body minnows and plastics into the better formed beach gutters inside the shore breaks to take home some nice flatties and bream.

There has been quite few school jewies being pulled on plastics as well of late but alas the bigger fish still have yet to make their appearance.



Jase from Gerringong Hotel FC posted current club comp standings with just 1 monthly outing to go before end of competition year.

Dave is still just hanging onto the lead in the men’s beach and rock section with just over a hundred points with Randall, Anthony, Hock, Henry, Natt and Jase, hot on his heels and well and truly in contention of taking it out with a good catch.

The ladies section in same division, is still fairly open with only Nikki and Allie weighing in so far this year so ladies, a good bag of fish could easily pinch the shield from Nikki.

They haven’t had a junior weigh in yet and the sub-juniors is very close to being stitched up by Tom, with the only person who is still in the running to beat him being Matthew Smith but even he will need a bit of luck and a big catch.

The estuary section is definitely a two horse race in the men’s estuary with Todd in front by 300 points and the only person who can run him down is Jason Booker.

Kelly is the only lady to have bothered the weighmaster so still pretty open, unless you see her heading towards the lagoon or crooked river and again no juniors – so far.

Deep Sea is all done and dusted in the men’s with Rory way out in front with over six hundred points but Randall and Todd are fighting it out for the runner up spot and the ladies is currently locked up with Nikki and Kelly both on a hundred points.

Reminder the Christmas party is on at Boat Harbour on Sunday from noon.


Luke from Leisure Coast Bait and Tackle at Corrimal said yet another great weekend passed for the start of summer and for the snapper fishos with plenty of good numbers about both in the shallows and the deeper reefs.

Quite a few customers chose to fish in close after the deluge of last week and they were rewarded with some nice reds, no monsters but good numbers of fish between the 1.5 to 2.5 kg.

Fresh slimy fillets were the go to baits for the inshore reefs with the bait stacked up in massive numbers at present.

Out on the deeper reefs there were plenty of reports of barracouta about that unfortunately seems to be a growing trend for the Illawarra over the warmer months but underneath them there were plenty of snapper and pig fish awaiting a bait to drop through.

A couple of customers even used some of the barracouta for slab baits and pulled some nice reds on them going over the 3kg mark, although the pick handles were thick in some spots, a quick move away from them saw most boats get back onto quality fish.

Along with the reds there were plenty of blue mowies some horse trevally and some hard pulling black spot pig fish.

Divers up and down the coast have been reporting plenty of big hoodlum kings about with more than 10 speared last weekend over the 15 kg mark from differing places.

Divers also reported they are not solitary big fish scouting the reefs but big schools of 20-30 fish and bigger with some estimated at over the 20kg mark.

Port Islands, Bellambi bommie and Minnamurra as well as the rock platforms under the sea cliff bridge have all been holding good numbers of these hard fighting fish at present.

Slow trolled slimeys and squid or better yet down rigging the above mentioned should see your arms getting stretched.

The flathead drifts were still loaded with excellent sized fish with the 40 meter depth mark being the got to drifts off Stanwell Park and the National Park and amongst the flatties there have been some monster flounder and plenty of gummy sharks too.


Photo 1 – Young Adam Lamb shows his bass from a secluded estuary

Photo 2 – Bobby Ozman found a red hot snapper bite off Bassy.

Photo 3 – Phill Taylor with his solid shark mackeral

AdamLamb mncbass resized

Bobby Ozman snaps resized

Phill Taylor sharkmacky resized

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