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It is unbelievable that despite numerous fines and warnings, the continual unlawful “harvesting” and pillage of Lake Illawarra’s dwindling stocks of cockles has now extended to whelks and numerous other bi-valves and shellfish.

Local Police and Fisheries have increased their surveillance and with the help of social media reporting, multiple fines have been issued but it seems to not had much of an effect on the hordes, yes hordes of these urban aquatic scavengers and multinational families that are unfortunately are a common sight just on dusk.

The call is out there for enforcement to now seize vehicles on the stop and even arrest some of the more ‘organised’ groups.

Organised as they have done their homework on Fisheries regulations on recreational licence requirements, bag limits per family including children and possession limits and they just don’t seem to care or conveniently don’t understand and plead ignorance.

The public are again warned that vigilante action is in itself, breaking the law, so please just observe, and take photos and report.


Vale - Geoff Rogers who was one of the inaugural committee members of Kiama Gamefishing club recently passed away.

A Vietnam vet and much respected, Geoff was grandfather of Matt Cameron the clubs current secretary and father of life member Deb Cameron and he dedicated much to the foundation of the Game club.

Public condolences to Helen, Deb, Matt and family.

Mark also reported on the upcoming Yatcon Civil/Simrad blowhole big fish classic game fishing tournament that is planned for April 6/7th.

Whist it is a while off, crews should start planning tactics to secure some of the $40,000 prize pool that is on offer.

The heaviest marlin over 100 kilos now attracts a cash prize of $10,000 from Yatcon Civil, and second heaviest over 100 kilos is $5,000 from Yates Law.

Venue will again be at Kiama Harbour and briefing and tournament dinner at Kiama Leagues.

Details at www.kiamagfc.com.au


DPI/Fisheries have advised the Thompson Creek Dam near Lithgow has some access areas temporarily closed as over the next few months, Energy Australia will be undertaking bank erosion work on the eastern foreshore of the dam.

During these works, the eastern section of the dam will be closed to all fishing access for safety reasons, however, Energy Australia will continue to allow anglers to fish the western shoreline and ask that anglers visiting the dam walk along the right-hand side of the road verge and stay out of the construction zone.

Thompsons Creek Dam is a very popular “Trophy” trout fishing dam where its owner, Energy Australia permits fishing under an agreement with DPI Fisheries.

For more information please call the access manager on 02 6051 7769 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Luke from Leisure Coast Bait and Tackle at Corrimal said despite warnings, last weekend’s weather turned out not to be as bad as predicted, but same can’t be said for the fishing.

The marlin played very hard to get over this last week and after numerous reports were analysed, it seemed the billies in some spots were there but getting the bite is proving hard, and yet in some other areas, they were as keen as but staying attached or losing fish to being bill or tail wrapped was a major quandary for crews to try and contend with.

And a third scenario that threw a spanner in the works, was the water was reported as having turned over last weekend with lots of green lifeless water in between patches of pure perfection.

The earlier southerlies this week should changes the sea surface temps enough so hopefully we see the return of the better water and more numbers of game fish.

The fishing doldrums doesn’t get any better for the snapper fishos with a really tough bite at present.

There have been a lot of excellent fish in close but not in any numbers to get too excited over but there have been fish to 3kg off the rocks over the past couple of weeks but its only one fish here and there.

The kingfish were about in good numbers again last weekend with shop regular Darren Martin weighing in a couple of good sized fish from a trip Sunday with a 80cm and 90cm.

The bigger kings are lurking but the smaller just legal and rats are taking anything thrown in the water before the bigger hoods get chance, with the bait stacked like it is it isn’t hard for the bigger hoods to rustle up their own food rather than chase down a well presented lure or live bait.

Beaches continue to fish steadily for al bread and butter species with some good sized whiting about on freshly caught beach worms.

There have been some big schools of salmon about at present and a few frigate mackerel in amongst them which are great sport on light spinning gear.


Photo 1 – John Nixon with his big reddie from secret spot x.

Photo 2 – Mason McDonough is about to release his tagged marlin

Photo 3 – Sarah Mitchell with her prized yellow belly from Lake Windy

John Nixon red resized

Mason McDonough bilyyy 1

sarah mitchell wind i yeela resized


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