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Reminder to have your permits and/or licences in order and comply with DPI/Fisheries rules and regulations when the NSW tout season closes on the upcoming June long weekend.

NSW Recreational fishing fees and trout fishing rules are at www.dpi.nsw.gov.au


Work will soon commence to decommission the slip way at the Shellharbour Village boat ramp and follows the recent boat ramp changes from last year. 

The work will include the demolition of the lower portion of the slipway and replace it with slip resistant concrete that closely matches the levels of the existing boat ramps.

The winch house and the majority of the remaining slipway rails will be retained for further investigation into potential heritage use.

Shellharbour Council have recently awarded a contract for the works to start early June and should take approximately 8 weeks to complete.

Contractors will aim to keep one boat ramp operational throughout the works, however both boat ramps may need to be closed at certain stages or if deemed necessary for safety reasons.

Further information https://letschatshellharbour.com/


Hayden from Compleat Angler at Windang said the recent swell that was pushed back from the strong winds on the weekend, has stirred things up and species like snapper, bream and rock blackfish have moved in very close to the rock faces to forage and feed.

Numbers of each fish will depend on the amount of crustaceans and shellfish that has been dislodged from the swells and the wave action that hammered the more south facing areas.

Best to fish very light almost unweighed baits into the suds and better sessions have been late arvos and before first light as when the sun hits the horizon, fish will seek deeper areas during the daylight hours.

Offshore the flathead drifts have been producing well and all you have to do, is find the drifts where the jackets and toads aren’t frequenting.

The water is still warm out wide and tuna and marlin should still be around are there is heaps of bait pods from the 70 fathom line eastwards.

Accurate use and analysis of sounder readings to locate schools is required before putting down a livie or two.

Beaches have been holding salmon and tailor, especially along the gutters on south beach Shellharbour, Windang beach and the lake entrance breakwalls.

Reminder the breakwalls out towards Bass Pont are designated construction sites and entry is prohibited on safety grounds.

The recent morning frosts has cod fisho’s rubbing their hands together as murray cod will start to get active when the cold sets in.

They will be very active on surface paddlers, swim baits and big artificial flys before winter hits as they try to fatten up before the breeding season starts shortly.


Luke from Leisure Coast Bait and Tackle at Corrimal reported another weekend of meagre fishing results owing to the weather and of course Mother’s Day last Sunday.

Anglers will need to adjust their fishing effort as those winds were just the start of our normal weather pattern over the coming months.

Sunday afternoon was the first real shot at outside fishing with the abating swell and windless conditions and those lucky enough to get out there reported some good snapper fishing in close.

Reds to 3 kilos were taken from depths not much more than 10 meters.

The exception perfect weather at the start of this week saw quite a few RDO’s re scheduled and more than a few sickies reported in.

Those that did wet a line came back with reports of excellent fishing on the deeper reefs up near Bandit and Trap reef, as there was little or no current to speak of.

Substantial schools of snapper were sounded up and fish topped the 4 kilo mark and in good numbers.

Also on the deeper reefs there has been some big sampson fish and a few reports of large schools of tuna busting up in numerous patches.

More inshore, there were still plenty of kingies about the usual haunts but as per the norm the bigger ones are lurking at the bottom of the schools and down rigging is a must to get to them.

Flathead drifts have plenty of fish on them and hopefully the current from last week has moved the hordes of green toads and jackets further south and from recent reports, fishing results have been a lot better over the last few days than it has the past few weeks with a lot less tackle staling pests about.

Beaches have still been firing with some massive salmon up and down the coast as well as big schools of mullet and tailor as well.

Plenty of whispers on the mulloway front with a couple of solid fish over the 10kg mark coming in from various northern beaches.

Bream, whiting and flathead are still about and have a liking for fresh beach worms and pipis.


Photo 1 – Allan Griffiths with an excellent brown trout from a recent NZ trip.

Photo 2 – Jason Goodson with a solid bass just before release.

Photo 3 – Mark Elliot fished St George’s basin for this 800 g bream


Allan Griffiths bt NZ resized

Jason Goodson cpr bass resized

Mark Elliott 800 g Bream St gbasin resized


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