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Now that the NSW trout season well and truly open, many reports have come in of some spectacular rainbow and brown trout being taken in very skinny and shallow waters as the Alpine area is still recovering from recent drought conditions.

Unfortunately as the summer approaches and warmer weather arrives, so do the snakes, especially tigers that have all come out of hibernation.

Strong word of warning that extreme caution be taken when pushing thru the tussocks and knee high shrubs that these guys can get very aggressive if disturbed.

The summer weather usually means shorts and boots that offer little protection, so maybe freshen up on your first aid and take a snake bite kit in your back pack and never fish alone as mobile phone reception is mostly non-existent.

Some reports are in of guys getting chased by snakes with one saying he looked down at water’s edge to see a tiger actually ‘hitting’ his waders and when he returned to camp, puncture holes  were clear as day.


Local beaches and rocks continued to fish well this past week, with plenty of bream and drummer off the stones as well as trevally and salmon.

Some good beach species using soft plastics with plenty of smaller school mulloway, salmon and tailor and some quite big flathead sitting right in close to the shore.


Shellharbour game fishing club next general club meeting is November 30th at Warilla Bowlo.



Following on from numerous past press releases and ideas put forward from just about everybody, there has been very successful trial done using a “William’s” carp separation cage on the Murray River at Torumbarry Weir.

We all are aware the introduced European carp is one the world’s most destructive invasive species that has had severe and significant negative impacts on water quality, aquatic plants and native fauna not only here in Australia but across many other countries.   

The Williams’ carp separation cage exploits the escape behaviour of carp in that they jump out of the water when they are trapped in a fish way whereas native fish typically don’t jump to the same extent and the cage successfully traps the jumping carp and allows for easy removal.

Data released shows that the single Torumbarry Weir cage resulted in the removal of 723 tonnes of carp in a near 10 year period up to 2018 this year or approx. 5,000 kilos of carp daily in their peak migration periods.

There is still very wide support for the herpes virus release, but the environmental impact of a mass fish kill, some estimate to be many thousands of tonnes in a very short period, has those supporters looking hard at the cage method.


Luke from Leisure Coast Bait and Tackle at Corrimal said it was nice to see a weekend with two good fishing days in it for a change.

Snapper really fired up locally last weekend with some excellent bags of fish coming over the two days and as before, all the reports indicate the fish were out in the deeper reefs and holding in big schools under the various bait balls that are starting to stack up all along our coast line.

Anywhere over the 50 metre depth and over the gravel beds is where you should find these fish at present and some customers even went out as far as 100 metres for some very solid reds.

Far too many customers to name them all, came in with some really good fish with a lot in the 4 to 6 kilo and the pannies from the deep were around the 2 kilo mark.

The distinctive black marks around the chins and vents, suggests they have been out laying eggs in the mud before returning to the gravel beds to feed.

Soft plastics did a lot of the damage over the weekend but pillies and squid strips still pulled a fair amount of fish and this weekend, looking like at this stage being weather friendly, we are all hopeful of more than a few reds on the deck.

Kingfish also fired last weekend but not so much off the local hunts, but Sydney, Central Coast and Jervis Bay gave up some sensational captures.

Gosford area had kingies up to the 25 kilogram size from a local estuary system as well as over their shallow reefs and off Sydney, a couple of divers got stuck into some whooping big hoods with a couple weighed in at Sydney Game Fishing Club at 30 and 35 kilos.

From all local reports, there were plenty of legal sized kings but not too much over the 10 kilogram size but down in Jervis Bay, the bite was hot with many fish up to the 20 kilos and were caught on everything from squid to slimies and even stick baits and poppers - hopefully a good sign for here.


Photo 1 – Bel Timonin with a nice bass just before release.

Photo 2 – Mark Pryor is excited with his plastics caught 69cm Lake flatty.

Photo 3 – Mikaela Emms with her Burrinjuck Dam 3.9kg on 2 line that won her several divisions at last weekend comp.

Bel Timonin resized

Mark Pryor with his 69cm PB plastic caught lake dusky resized

Mikaela Emms carp bjuck resized

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