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Reminder to get your entries in for Wollongong Game Fishing Club’s 27th annual Game Fishing Tournament to be held over the weekend of 15/16th of September.

There are heaps of excellent prizes already donated by sponsors and local businesses and emphasis will again on tag and release with only potential record captures bought in to the weigh station.

Enquiries to www.wollongonggfc.com.au or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The ongoing practice of tag and release of many species of fish often turns up some very puzzling information.

As far as possible, the information has been checked and suggested to be 99.9% genuine, but a barramundi originally tagged when stocked in the Fitzroy River at Rockhampton way back in 2013 has been recaptured in the Brisbane River at Brisbane.

Details say that it grew from 218mm to 1120mm in just over 5 years and that is fairly normal for a Fitzroy stocked fish but it travelled about 700km south.

Although not a record distance but the first recapture so far south of Fraser Island.


As the weather warms and the boating season draws nearer, perhaps a timely reminder for some serious maintenance and safety checks should be undertaken on your boat, trailer and safety gear.

Check the expiry dates on your flares, fire extinguisher and epirb.

How are the wheel bearings – jack up each side and the wheels should freely spin both ways and there should not be any chunky, grinding or crunchy noises – new bearing are less than $20 per set.

Trailer lights working including brake and indicators – check fitting both trailer and vehicle and a spray with suitable oil much help wonders.

How is your anchor rope, not in a tangled mess since last season, perhaps undo the d shackle and chain and run the rope out up the gutter and re-lay neatly back into the tub or compartment.

Check the security of the hooks and locators of the winch and safety chain – where is the winch handle too.


Reminder for you to have your say on the discussion paper regarding the introduction of 25 plus Marine Parks in NSW including an area around the 5 islands off Port Kembla.

Again the momentum is growing stronger with many thousand, angry and frustrated anglers voicing their disapproval via social media.

Later this month there are plans for a number of separate boating and angler protests to be held across the affected areas and in the CBD in an effort to let those in power, see just how strong the angling voice is and to remind them that there is an election in the wind.


Complete the survey form today, not tomorrow or next week – TODAY as submissions close on September 27th.


Luke from Leisure Coast Bait and Tackle at Corrimal reckoned the way last weekend’s weather turned out many spent the time on fishing gear maintenance, as again the strong winds forced many off the water early both days over the weekend.

There was also another big pulse of swell late last week that resulted in another well needed stir up to really fire the fishing up.

Most of the fishing was land based over the week and weekend with some awesome catches and there were quite a few good snapper pulled from the more sheltered southern corners with a couple of fish nudging the 5 kilogram mark.

Preferred bait for these good reds was of course fresh as possible, cuttlefish followed closely by the humble pillie.

With the swell pounding the rocks, fishos had to err on the side of caution with local knowledge putting a couple of local customers onto safe platforms up north where they reaped the rewards with some excellent fish.

Drummer bite was, and still is amazing with not only the numbers of fish, but the size as well, plenty of pigs up and over the 3kg mark were caught late last week and over the weekend, cunje and royal red prawns were the go-to baits fished in and around the washes with a steady burley trail.

Not only were there plenty of drummer but there were some horse bream and blackfish about and many went over the magic kilo mark also from those southern protected platforms.

With what looks at this stage to be great weekend for fishing especially after the stir up we should see plenty of anglers getting back out on the water as we head on into the spring season and hopefully some more stable water patterns.

Luke has an in store the petition available for signing and all the info needed, on the proposed 25 Marine Park lockouts and urges everyone, not just you anglers, to please take the time to fill it out in store or on line on DPI website and read the genuine and correct truth and not the unfounded blatant misinformation being circulation by minority groups.


Photo 1 – Matt Cronolovic with an excellent eating coral trout.

Photo 2 – Mitchell Bonner with his black spot pigfish capture.

Photo 3 – Warren Darr with a metre plus barra he caught using one on his home made lures

Matt Cranky Cronolovic resized

Michl bonnr pigf resized resized

Warren Darr metrey resized

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