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The first striped marlin recapture for the season was reported on 20 February, 2019, by Steve Agius fishing south of Eden, NSW. 

Watching the sounder for bait, Steve noticed a large arch sitting deep so they sent a live slimy mackerel down for an almost instant hookup.

After an acrobatic aerial display, Steve and his family noticed the tag positioned in the shoulder of the fish and once the marlin was boat side, the tag was removed so it could be reported to the DPI Game Fish Tagging Program.

After a few quick photos, the fish was swum and re - released in excellent condition.

The marlin was initially tagged and released by Eden Sport and Game Fishing Club skipper Brendan Chippendale only 23 days prior to the north of Eden and had travelled 10 nautical miles during its liberty. 

The Game Fish Tagging Program is an example of your recreational fishing licence at work so get involved in the program please phone (02) 6691 9602 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Lakeview Hotel FC held their AGM and election of Officers back on28th April and result show, president Kevin Callaghan, vice preso Lochlain Sheather, treasurer Mick Starr and Kelly McGillivray is the secretary.

Members are reminded their subscription fees are now due and need to be paid prior to be eligible in competing in any monthly comps and to be covered by insurance.

With singles at $30 and families at $50, it is minimal expense to join a very progressive family oriented fishing club for juniors thru to seniors alike.

Presentation day is for July 13th and club details/contacts are on their Facebook page.


A bull shark tagged by keen land-based angler Marco Schmitz has gone on to be recaptured. 

Fishing solo off Ellis Beach in Northern Queensland on 16 June, 2016, Marco managed to catch the bull shark before tagging and releasing it in excellent condition and it measured 176cm and was estimated to be 70kg. 

Fast forward 955 days and more than 900 nautical miles (1665kms) south, experienced anglers Tony Lenthall and Marcus Ulrick recaptured the shark whilst fishing at the mouth of the Macleay River at South West Rocks, NSW. 

The shark was measured at 213cm total length and after a few quick photos, the bull shark was then re-tagged and returned to the river.


A timely reminder from Marine Rescue bases for all along the coast and inland and Apline waters, that at this time of year, the weather changes can be very fickle and change quite suddenly.

A few early westerly have puffed up lately and makes for very hazardous conditions for smaller boats.

Be aware and log in for your own safety.


Luke from Leisure Coast Bait and Tackle at Corrimal said another sensational week of autumn weather has been and gone and the fishing was great for all those on holidays.

Out wide there were some good yellowfin again right off the front of Wollongong and although they weren’t as big as they before, there were still plenty of them and in the perfect table size between the 30 to 50 kilo range.

Although the bite was tough at times, persistence was the key and it paid off both from trolling and cube berleying.

There were quite a few billfish caught also over the last week with the majority being stripes with the occasional big blue in the mix.

Bait was still stacked on a lot of the local haunts so don’t be surprised to see a few more hook-ups, weather permitting, coming off places such as Bandit and Trap reefs.

Those chasing a feed of snapper again reported it tough going of late with only a handful of decent sized fish coming in and a lot of undersize fish about at present but there have been plenty of big blue mowies about at present with a couple coming in just over the 3kg mark.

There have also been plenty of big pigfish about which make for tasty by catch whilst chasing reds.

Around Port Kembla and Shellharbour there have been some excellent sized Sampson fish with a few  going over 5 kilos and although nowhere near as big as the west Australian cousins, they do put up a good account of themselves on snapper gear.

There have been a few solid kingfish about also but as per the norm for us, you have to get the baits down through the hordes of juvenile rats to have a chance.

Beaches and rocks have been firing of late, many late school holiday customers telling Luke there have been plenty of good bream and flathead about the gutters as well as whiting and dart.

First and last light has seen some big tailor and salmon schools cruising up and down various beaches and headlands taking both baits and lures and the occasional undersize jewfish.


Photo 1 – Daniel Stella with his recent 72 kilo yellowfin tuna

Photo 2 – Dan Gamble with his near 40 kilo yellowfin from JB wide

Photo 3 – Grant Mitchell (L) and Eddie Mamo struggle to hold Grants est 85 kilo fin

Daniel Stella 72 kg resized

Danny Gamblee 42 resized

Grant Mitchell Eddie Mamo 85 yft resized

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