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With the general weather pattern leaning towards summer at last, good old Lake Illawarra is starting to see plenty of action, despite the best efforts by the seemingly never ending hammering it gets from the commercial sector.

There have been some sensational bream captures along the fringes and sandy spots between the weeds beds, by guys who have taken full advantage of daylight saving and fishing after work.

Using soft plastics fished late in the arvo and towards evening, some of the bream have gone close to a kilo with the added by catch of flatties and the odd big whiting looking for dinner before dark.

Apart from the plastics, other surface or sub surface lures like prolure pencils and bassday sugar pens have worked extremely well.

For the bait guys, the flatties still have been a little quiet with most fish taken on the run out tides.

Best to fish with lightest line as possible with barest amount of weights that allow the baits to naturally ‘roll’ around.


Results of Warilla Hotel Fishing club’s November monthly comp show senior deep sea biggest fish go to Joe Sciberras with a memorable 8.655 kilo blue groper and Terry Royan took our biggest bag with 8.3 kilos of snapper.

The BRE section saw Graham Jackson take it out with his 2.6 kg groper and biggest bag went to John Phelps with a 9.9 haul of pigs.

Fish of the month was flathead and was won by Graham Jackson and Karl Neels won the bream mystery fish award.

December nominated fish of the month is Kingfish.


DPI/Fisheries Compliance division has issued timely warning to all rock fishing anglers regarding the new safety laws that are now in effect for a few specifically nominated rock ledges in NSW.

Rock fishing is an enjoyable recreation but can be fraught with potential dangers including loss of life and anglers need to weigh up the risks involved BEFORE approaching the water’s edge.

It's a fun and exciting way to target a range of fantastic species including luderick, bream, tailor, groper and kingfish, however, rock fishing can be risky, so make sure you understand new safety laws before you next hit the stones.

It is now mandatory that you wear an AS4758 life jacket when fishing in the Randwick area for example and both NSW Police and other compliance officers are currently actively patrolling the Randwick rock ledges, so be warned - : you risk a fine if you don't wear an AS4758 lifejacket in this area.

DPI wants all rock fishers to enjoy great fishing and, most importantly, to get home safe and sound, so personal safety is paramount

Go to https://bit.ly/2ltLLHI for further details.


Luke from Leisure Coast Bait and Tackle at Corrimal said a very mixed bag of conditions greeted anglers last weekend with a pretty ordinary Saturday but Sunday backed up to be excellent.

Unfortunately the Bureau’s weather reports kept a lot of fishos off the water with indications suggesting some pretty big swell to hit Sunday and Monday that barely eventuated.

Before the weather arrived last Friday, there were good reports of snapper milling about alonf the 50 metre depth line and further out however there some excellent catches again midweek for those lucky enough to get out.

Boat crews reported they have been marking plenty of fish under the vast shoals of bait balls out there at present and amongst the reds, out at places like Bandit and Wollongong reefs, there have been some good sized yellowtail kingfish caused carnage with the bait.

The islands off Port Kembla had been holding good numbers of kingies last weekend with a hot spot out the front of Pig Island and towards Toothbrush.

These kings were well fed but couldn’t resist a slow trolled livie and some that were wrestled over the side went near enough to 11 kilograms.

Wednesdays and Thursday’s weather event dropped serious amounts of rain locally and up on the escarpment that caused a much needed flush of the feeder reeks into the lake and the western side of the lake should fire over the weekend.

Off the beaches there have been plenty of reports of heaps of salmon about at first and last light, but other than that, most have been saying it has been fairly quiet.

Lots of reports out of Lake Illawarra and even the Shoalhaven River from last weekend with most opting for these systems due to the forecasted swell and there were plenty of hungry bass and estuary perch in the upper reaches of the Shoaly.

Some of these iconic natives that were caught on lures, gave the magic 50cm mark a nudge that were all released.

A 50cm bass or EP is a sensational capture achievement from the usual snag ‘bad county’ they haunt with most winning out over the crest fallen angler


Photo 1 – Andrew Chaplin trolled up the enormous golden perch in Hume Weir.

Photo 2 – Jenni Van Deyk used a humble plastics to pull this old fashioned 7lb brown trout from a skinny Alpine Creek.

Photo 3 – Mitchell Bonner with a nice pair of bream from a little further down the coast

Andrew Chaplin hume yella cpr resized

Jenni Van Deyk 7lb alpine plastic blue

Mitchell Bonr basin resized


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