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With the summer dolphin fish season almost over, Daryn McDonough finally had the chance to take his nephew 10 year old Thomas Glover out for a shot at his first dolly.

Last Saturday was Thomas’s joined his cousins for his first trip offshore and thoroughly enjoyed the near millpond perfect conditions and yes, nailed his first dolphin fish.

To say he was excited was an understatement – congrats.


DPI/Fisheries have advised the summer FAD season in now over and FADs are being withdrawn for winter storage and maintenance.

Several of the far south coast FADs are already ashore and they will be withdrawn progressively from a south to north direction.

Don’t forget about the FADs photo competition so email images with the FAD in the background to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Reminder to have your permits and/or licences in order and comply with DPI/Fisheries rules and regulations when the NSW tout season closes on the upcoming June long weekend.

NSW Recreational fishing fees and trout fishing rules are at www.dpi.nsw.gov.au


On May 16th, NSW EPA advised by Shoalhaven City Council that Council received a report that up to 100,000 litres of PFAS contaminated waste water had been discharged into the Shoalhaven sewer system during March and it ultimately ended up in the Shoalhaven River.

The PFAS Taskforce has advised that no new or additional precautionary dietary advice is required as a result of this incident.  

The waste water was allegedly discharged to the sewer system from the operations of Sikorsky Aircraft Australia, who provide maintenance services to HMAS Albatross.

The sewer system flows to the Nowra sewage treatment plant which discharges into the Shoalhaven River at Boolong Road, approximately 2km east of the Princess Highway.

Shoalhaven City Council is leading an investigation and reported the matter to the NSW EPA after becoming aware of the incident on Thursday 16 May.

The PFAS Taskforce has advised that the precautionary dietary advice for the Shoalhaven River issued in October 2018 is still appropriate.

No change to current advice for commercial and recreational fishers and commercial fishers can continue to sell fish they catch in the Shoalhaven River and this fishery remains open.

Recreational fishers who regularly catch and eat their own fish in the Shoalhaven River can continue to do so safely but should follow the dietary advice for consumption of luderick, sea mullet, sand whiting, dusky flathead, silver biddy and mulloway from the identified area, to limit their personal intake.

Oysters are not impacted and are safe to eat.

More information at https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/795629/15042-Shoalhaven-Dietary-Advice-OCT18_V2.pdf and also at



Compleat Angler at Gregory Hills will celebrate their 1st birthday this weekend and are giving away over $15,000 worth of prizes and heavy discounts.


DPI/Fisheries have advised that since March this year, their “Operation Small Fry” over 5000 illegally harvested fish and shellfish were identified.

Fisheries officers detected over 1,300 offences during the operation with a whopping $102,500 worth of on-the-spot fines handed out to those caught possessing or selling prohibited size fish.

To read the full story visit www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/about-us/media-centre/releases/2019/big-stick-for-small-fry-fishing-offences

If you suspect illegal fishing activity you can report it by calling Fishers Watch on 1800 043 536 or online on the NSW DPI Fisheries website.


Luke from Leisure Coast Bait and Tackle at Corrimal reported the perfect weather and sea conditions last weekend, saw the Bellambi boat ramp carpark at overflow status with some trailers parked way up near the Water Board treatment plant.

Earlier this week pretty well saw much the same with many crews on the water before the grey of dawn.

Some excellent snapper catches graced the cleaning tables and guys indicated the mirror flats seas enabled them to bottom donk with baits and jig with plastics in shallow areas that were normally out of reach with wave action and white water.

Read here that some of these 2 kilo plus reds were from very shallow water.

Eastern blue spot flatties were also targeted and although the mill pond conditions made drifting a bit of a challenge, the slight current out wider did help and some flatties over 60 cm came over the gunwales.


A recent gamefish tagging report shows a juvenile black marlin released by Shane Gageler aboard Newcastle & Port Stephens GFC vessel Whitedog has recently been recaptured.

Interestingly, the marlin has crossed the equator during its travels making it a very unique recapture for the program since its release back on 13 March 2018 off Seal Rocks NSW estimated at 20 kilos and 1500 mm long at lower jaw to fork length.

It was recaptured by an Indonesian longline vessel fishing around the Saipan Seamounts, off the east coast of the Northern Mariana Islands roughly same length but weighed in at 22 kilos.

The marlin had travelled an incredible straight line distance of 2866 nautical miles (5,300km) having spent only 86 days at liberty.

Photo 1 – Andrew Chaplin with a nice murray cod just before release back into Hume Weir

Photo 2 – Joe DaSilva with a solid rock blackfish

Photo 3 – Thomas Glover with his first ever dolphin fish.

Andrew Chaplin cpr cod hume resized

Joe daSilva pig drmr resized

Thomas Glover first Dolphin Fish resized

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