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It is disappointing bordering on disgust at the continual rape and pillage of Lake Illawarra’s dwindling stocks of cockles to the seeming endless numbers of ‘harvesters’.

Local Police and Fisheries are stretched with their resources and social media is being imploded with multiple reports of groups hiding in the bushes until enforcement leaves to attend a different location.

Cockle harvesting methods and tips has now appeared on YouTube, so one wonders where this will end.

Perhaps no more warnings, but serious fines into the thousands and confiscation of vehicles and equipment might help.

Members of the public are warned by the authorities, that vigilante action is in itself, breaking the law, so please just observe, and take photos and report.

Shellharbour Council 4221 6111, Illawarra Police 4232 5599, Fisheries Watch 1800 043 536 and Illawarra Fisheries Office 4220 8499 are a few numbers you might like to record.


Reminder for South Coast Fishing Association, the beach comp is the 16th&17th of February with the weigh-in at Kiama Bowling Club.


Weird and unusual catch of the week goes to Bill Sheppard who was bottom donking off his jet ski off the Port Islands last weekend and pulled up a lunartail bigeye (Priacanthus hamrur)

A quick few happy snaps and it was returned but yet quite an unusual catch for this far south but is a solid indicator that the good warm currents are finally pushing in.

For those that love throwing lures off the rocks, reports suggest that there were plenty of fish about such as kingies, bonito, salmon and tailor off all the local hotspots with several guys saying there was absolutely nowhere to park around Hill 60 and even Bass Point, no doubt due to the long weekend and the numbers of fish around.


Full results from last week’s Kiama Game FC - Shimano children’s charity fishing competition saw an excellent turnout of competitors.

In the under 6 section, Nate Spinks took top spot with his 300 gram bream and runner up was Braxton Spinks with another bream of 220 grams.

Under 11s saw Amy Manwaring take it out with a spotted cod of 330 grams with Quade Nelson, runner up with his bream of 280 grams.

Under 16 division was won by Jared Rowles with a kilo wobbygong and LJ Crocke wrestled a 460 gram eel out to be runner up.

An excellent day out for all who attended and Mark from Kiama Game wishes to convey his public appreciation to all those who helped out and the sponsors including Shimano Tackle, Rosebank Meats, Kiama Toyworld and Minamurra Lions for the sensational bbq, Bunnings and over $2,000 funds were raised for Peterborough Special School at Warilla.


Luke from Leisure Coast Bait and Tackle at Corrimal said boat ramps across the Illawarra were at capacity for the majority of the weekend with highly anticipated anglers looking for a fresh feed of fish.

Offshore was the place to be with many boats chasing a shot at the mighty marlin whilst they are hanging about the inshore reefs, the same reefs where snapper are targeted.

The bite was somewhat slow but there were quite a few fish caught ranging in size from around the 40kgs up to a couple over the 100kg mark.

Wollongong and Trap reefs saw most of the action over the weekend before the water temp dropped early Sunday but crews reported the bait was stacked from top to bottom out there so we should see more fish come from that depth of water up and down the coast over the coming weeks.

Tony Felgate gets the bragging rights for the week with his solo effort of a black marlin fishing out of his 4m polycraft boat.

The story goes, he thought he would give the tide change another hour of fishing before calling it quits but at the 56th minute time call, his bait was slammed by the feisty black.

A short and intense fight ensued for around 40 minutes before the chaos of holding the rod, manoeuvring the boat and grasping the leader trace was finally achieved and with his billy held boatside, Tony showed his selfie skills to silence the doubters of his success.

Closer to home, the kings were on fire over the weekend with more legal fish caught than we have seen in sometime around the bommie at Bellambi and the Islands off Port Kembla.

Slow trolled slimies were the pick of the bait due to the abundance of them and the biggest fish heard from the weekend, was just a whisker under the 15 kilo mark.

Very little reports on the snapper from the weekend but that can only be put down to everyone chasing dolphin fish, marlin and kingies.

The flathead drifts didn’t disappoint with again some cracking fish coming in with an average size of  well over the 50cm mark.


Photo 1 – Bobby Ozmen found the snapper liked his metal jigs off Bass Point

Photo 2 – Brock Evans travelled west over school holidays and caught and release this murray cod.

Photo 3 – Tony Felgate with a selfie of his solo black marlin capture and release.

Bob Ozmen bassy snaps metal jig resized

brock windy murr cod resized

Tony Felgate solo cpr black resized

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