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Members of Ocean Beach hotel fishing club held their monster raffle last Friday night out at the Ocean Beach pub in Shellharbour Village.

A huge turnout of members, patrons and visitors were all willing to put their hands deep into their collective pockets and the final fund raising tally was an outstanding $1772.00.

All that money will now be donated to help farmers with drought relief so a solid congratulations Ocean Beach FC members and their raffle supporters.


Wollongong Game Fishing Club will be holding their 27th annual Game Fishing Tournament over the weekend of 15/16th of September with tournament base situated at Belmore Basin or Wollongong Harbour.

There are heaps of excellent prizes already donated by sponsors and local businesses and emphasis will again on tag and release with only potential record captures bought in to the weigh station.

Enquiries to www.wollongonggfc.com.au or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The 2018 Snowy Mountains trout festival has been set down for the first week in November with full details at www.troutfestival.com.au



The media has been rife lately with the unbelievable news to all anglers alike, of the proposed introduction of new Hawkesbury Shelf Marine Sanctuary Zones and several high profile TV and radio personalities have voiced their concerned, reservations and astonishment at these moves.

To quote an extract from NSW/Fisheries own website that back in 2000-01, the NSW general public  participated in a National Recreational and Indigenous Fishing Survey (NRIFS), that provided a benchmark for the assessment of recreational fishing and it found that over 1 million NSW residents participated in recreational fishing.

That survey now some 17 years old, showed that recreational fishing is an important activity that brings significant social and economic benefits to the community and one wonders if that participation figure should today read many millions more.

It is therefore difficult to comprehend that our elected parliamentary representatives have either forgotten this or turned a blind eye to such participation and also the flow on effect of tourism, accommodation, small businesses, tackle shops, charter boat operators to name just a few.

There has been nothing short of outrage over these proposals and social media has created numerous pages, especially on Facebook with one in particular “Stop the Lockout” garnering over 10,000 members in the past few days.

It is a personal decision, to you the reader, to visit such sites or to visit the official site at www.nsw.gov.au/improving-nsw/have-your-say/new-marine-park-proposal/

but you are strongly urged to do so if you want to be able to enjoy a casual fish with your kids or to compete in one of Australians favourite pastimes.

Complete the survey form today, not tomorrow or next week – TODAY as submissions close on September 27th.



Luke from Leisure Coast Bait and Tackle at Corrimal said last weekend’s windy weather the way it was, turned all and sundry anglers to boat, trailer and tackle maintenance.

There was very little to report from the boating fraternity due to those seemingly never ending westerly winds that have been lashing us for what is far too long.

Hopefully the forecast for this weekend proves accurate and although some welcome rain might be an inconvenience, there should be lots of fishos heading out to scratch the itch.

On the bright side, a bit of fresh rain and the ocean stirrup, should see the fishing go bang after such a long flat spell.

With the cuttlies now in full swing in their spawning season, there should be plenty of hungry snapper around the shallows as they gorge themselves on freshly popped cuttlefish and the remnants of food after the swell of this week.

Luke went on to say, there were quite a few skippers and crews in the shop midweek, stocking up on pillies, squid and large plastics.

The rocks was where it happened recently, with those same westerlies that kept the boaties ashore, they are welcomed by rock hoppers as the ideal flat sea conditions, make it a breeze (!) to get those long casts out.

Kingfish, trevally, salmon and tailor were all taken on ganged pillies or spun up using chromed metal slugs with again, first and last light the more productive sessions.

There have still been plenty of drummer, luderick and bream about the stones but you need to be patient and have plenty of burley on hand to fire the fish up into feeding in the flat conditions.

That said after this bump, the fishing should be excellent off the stones with plenty of white wash to flick a bait into.

For those wanting to test their skill and horsepower, there have been plenty of big groper around to test all things tackle such as knots drags leader and rods as well as your back as fish to 8kgs have been caught locally and they do make for a great battle to get one out of its lair.


Photo 1 – Andrew Burke tagged his 9.2 kilo snapper taken off Coffs Harbour last week.

Photo 2 – Sam Green with his impoundment barra caught during a recent trip up north

Photo 3 – Ted Farrugia with a solid winter whiting from lake Illawarra last week.

Andrew Burke 96.5cm coffs resized

Sam Green barra farm resized

Ted Farrigua lake whiting resized

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