Stop the Lockout

This is my submission to NSW Gov survey ... submitted 27th August 2018

There appears to no scientific evidence to support the creation of ANY Marine Parks that will exclude recreational anglers.

I am a life member of Australian National Sportfishing Association (NSW Branch) and via them and numerous other recreational fishing bodies, there has been almost NO CONSULTATION with us - the rec anglers.

To give the fishing public just a few short weeks to respond via this sort of feedback is ludicrous.

Thankfully with the power of social media especially Facebook, there has been uproar and total rejection of any of the lockout proposals and I personally totally agree 110%.

I am also a freelance writer and I write a weekly fishing column in the local paper here in Wollongong called "the reel deal' - Fridays Illawarra Mercury (Fairfax owned) and at no time that I am aware of, was there any press release or notification of such lock out parks being mooted since the last fiasco ie Batemans Marine Park.

Not anecdotal, but truthful fact that over 30 businesses closed down as the direct result of the gazetting of that marine park, including tackle shops, marine dealers, caravan parks/accommodation, tourist operators and many other allied businesses that relied on tourism as their income.

This will happen again but on a much greater scale across those areas that will be effected if these proposals are passed.

Recreational fishing is a great Australian pastime and 'take a kid fishing' is an excellent way of getting our younger generations away from their 'screens' and getting them enjoy Australia's great outdoors.

Also encouraging them to be responsible adults and keeping them interested in a good clean family oriented pastime and away from some of the risks and bad behaviour that is unfortunately evident in some non coastal suburbs and townships.

To quote an extract from NSW/Fisheries own website that back in 2000-01, the NSW general public participated in a National Recreational and Indigenous Fishing Survey (NRIFS), that provided a benchmark for the assessment of recreational fishing and it found that over 1 million NSW residents participated in recreational fishing.

That survey now some 17 years old, showed that recreational fishing is an important activity that brings significant social and economic benefits to the community and one wonders if that participation figure should today read many millions more.

It is therefore difficult to comprehend that our elected parliamentary representatives have either forgotten this or turned a blind eye to such participation and also the flow on effect that it will have.

Please listen to the voting public and not pander to those minority groups who think the world revolves around them and who make baseless and false claims that recreational fishing harms the environment.

Perhaps the NSW State Government should direct their time, energies and money towards sewage outfalls, urban runoff and other damaging practices and leave the coastal and estuary fishing to those who enjoy it today.



Gary Wade


Shellharbour NSW Australia

0407 969 529

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